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I’m frequently asked about what sets #UnitedWeTransform (UWT) apart on May 21st – because it’s poised to redefine the standard for interactive events.

To ensure UWT lives up to its promise, we’re conducting weekly trials with groups ranging from 25 to 500 participants, and have even scaled up to pilot events with thousands. A recent session with 45 people highlighted success stories that we’re eager to replicate hundreds, if not thousands of times on May 21st.

Among the 45 attendees were:

  • Patrick, a data scientist from the Air Force Academy, eager to apply his skills to meaningful projects.
  • Dan, Minnesota’s tech guru, whose extensive network is crucial for community building.
  • Dan’s Son, an Air Force Pilot, who has developed a more efficient technique for military pilots to board and exit their aircraft.
  • Brennan, CEO of an AI software company, who is on a recruitment spree.
  • Jack and Steve, guardians of military history, connecting past to present at the 8th Air Force Historical Society in Bloomington, MN, and hosts of our session.
  • Vince Pecararo, an innovator in the Air Force, spearheading new projects and their funding.

During the session:

  1. We conducted a mini UWT, integrating all participants into our planned May 21st activities.
  2. Both analog and digital support facilitated rich discussions about offers, requests, ideas, and potential collaborations.

The essence of #UnitedWeTransform and our gathering lies in its potential to uncover overlapping organizations, common job roles, recurring mistakes, unmet requests for help, the isolation many individuals experience, the equitable distribution of ideas, and the limitations of human memory in facilitating mutual aid.

By blending technology with the power of real-life interactions, we aim to cultivate a community where positive changes, interactions, and solutions are systematically encouraged rather than left to chance.

The impact? Here’s a glimpse:

  • Patrick is now a valued member of Brennan’s AI team, enhancing national defense.
  • New innovations, courtesy of Brennan’s firm, now assist Dan’s son in safeguarding our country.
  • Vince celebrated a milestone birthday for an 8th Air Force member, bolstering morale.
  • Jack & Steve’s events have become key platforms for fostering connections and learning, showcasing this initiative’s success.
  • Dan continues to spark transformative opportunities, solidifying his influence in Minnesota.

In Summary:

As May 21st draws near, we’re calling on more Minnesotans to join #UnitedWeTransform. We have helped millions of people connect, but our new innovations are truly game changing. See how we changed up TEDx events as an old example. Our goal is not just to highlight success stories but to show how innovative approaches can significantly contribute to building an inclusive, new economy in Minnesota. Your insights, connections, and stories are vital in making this event a testament to Minnesota’s creativity and collective spirit. Let’s come together to innovate, collaborate, and transform.

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