We are an intimate, global team of data-driven extroverts.

We know that each and every person plays a critical role in our collective future.

We understand that solutions to everyday problems, as well as complex global issues, lie in the collaborative minds of high-performing teams.

We believe in the power of serendipity, engineered to harmonize these challenges, and create positive impact.

Who we are

Collaboration.Ai is a technology company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We fundamentally believe that stronger human connections and networks can lift up individuals, organizations, and communities. Using network science and artificial intelligence, we help organizations engineer more impactful teams, and augment the human networking experience. We want to make it easier to connect the right people, at the right time, around the right ideas. It’s one of the reasons Fast Company put us on their Second Annual List of the 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators. And speaking of our workspace, we have a pretty cool office space called the The General Store DAO, because we believe in finding creative (and collaborative!) ways to help revitalize our city. 

“Companies stuck in email and meetings all day without the integration of smart collaboration software will soon be like companies that still use fax machines.”

Brennan TownleyChief Executive Officer

We protect your data and follow all international standards.

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Join our family to enable the collaboration revolution.

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