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Business Leaders

Understand your organization, build intelligent teams, and uncover a new way to work

Engineer intelligent teams

Make meaningful connections using data and network science

Understand your organization

Uncover key people in your organization and activate them at the right time

Increase innovation

Engage your employees and customers and implement new ideas at scale

Business Leaders

Collaboration.Ai partners with business leaders across various industries to deliver the next generation of team creation, improve internal and external networks, spark innovation, and drive advanced collaboration.


Build high-performance teams using data and network science

Build project teams, connect people working on similar problems across divisions, or develop meaningful relationships through internal programs using TeamCreator.

Vince Vaughn Team

Increase meaningful connections by 400% with TeamCreator

Working together


Find the right people, at the right time, around the right ideas

Activate strategic networks, uncover knowledge brokers, and break down silos within your organization with NetworkOS.

Breakdown silos and elevate your network with NetworkOS

Trusted by industry leaders

Unlock the potential
of people and networks today.

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