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Innovation Practitioners

Connect people, data, and initiatives to develop innovations and bring them to market

Engage the crowd

Gain insights and ideas from across your network

Source & discover

Gather and find ideas all in one place

Idea management

Catalog and archive ideas for future innovation programs

Innovation Practitioners

Collaboration.Ai delivers next generation solutions for today’s innovation leaders. Connect people, data, and initiatives with a single solution to develop innovation and bring them to market.

“Innovation isn't just about the best idea or stuffing new things down people's throats. It is about instinct + data science. Collaboration.Ai is the only org holistically approaching this.”

Troy PaigeHead of Innovation


Leverages the entire ecosystem and network

Captures explicit and tacit knowledge while bringing data and new ideas to users through machine learning, natural language processing, and semantic analysis. In other words, use your crowd to generate, prioritize and manage ideas into outcomes.

Networking ecosystem

Connect innovation people, data, and initiatives with CollaborationAi – learn about CrowdVector

Drive the ecosystem


Managed service support at scale

Your team sets the strategy, outlines the goals, and focuses on outcomes while our team manages the end-to-end process – program set-up, user onboarding and training, program management, and more.

Uncover knowledge brokers and connectors with our suite of software to transform Your Innovation

Trusted by the industries’ finest

Innovation will never be the same.

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