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Training & Events

Supercharge your training experiences and events with solutions from Collaboration.Ai.

Increase engagement

Create meaningful connections with the right people

Deliver return-on-relationship

Increase networking effectiveness and track it over time

Improve results

See an average increase of 15% or more in participant feedback

Training & Events Leaders

Collaboration.Ai supports training and event leaders to increase strategic networking and engagement between participants, deliver measurable results, and understand the impact of your programs.

Visitor engagement

Groups, Cohorts, Teams re-imagined

Hours of trying to figure out who should be on which working group? Random Excel sort to re-mix groups for diversity? Manager recommendations for who ‘needs’ to meet who?

Gone are the days of accidental networking of your L&D participants.

Expect across the board NPS and ROI improvements by simply networking intelligently.

Training can be better

We see 10+% increase on every quantitative metric for our trainings when using Collaboration.Ai

Sea of number

Visitor engagement

Data + Artificial Intelligence

Learning & Development leaders are awash with data. NPS. Participants feedback. HRIS output. Manager feedback. And of course the occasional whim by a senior leader. Collaboration.Ai is the only software that can take everything from raw data to gut hunches and use it to improve your work.

Gain full control over L&D intelligence for your participants

Trusted by the industries’ finest

Adopt the cutting edge of L&D advancements.

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