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Get more out of groups

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Strategic connections

Identify and introduce people who have complementary characteristics based on a customized set of criteria

Purposeful groups

Assemble groups for optimal interaction, orienting members around a desired outcome

Relationship mapping

Visualize interpersonal connections to determine nodes of strength and areas of opportunity


Building a great team isn’t just as easy as picking names out of a hat (or filtering in Excel). TeamCreator combines a survey tool, social graphing/Organization Network Analysis ONA software and a patented AI engine to customize teams, based on customer-supplied or survey-based data sets, connect the right people, and better track engagement over time. You can visualize a network and understand who’s interacting with whom, long after your project or event is wrapped. Don’t leave a great team up to chance–create it.

“TeamCreator had our participants more engaged than any other intervention in our program's history.”

Darcy QuestHead of Events - Keller Williams

in numbers


increase in new connections


improvement in feedback


increase in ongoing collaboration

The concept

Whether at a conference, event, training, workshop, project groups or even a PTA meeting… you meet people via serendipity.

Our approach still allows for that, but then adds decades of research and artificial intelligence to help you create groupings of people that will make all the difference.

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Create & visualize any group

Age doesn’t matter. We all tend to cling to people we know or look like us.

Using data (both real time and from registration/HR data) we examine all possibilities and then optimize.

The results by combining people intelligently range from better test scores in school to career changing introductions and sales deals at volumes never seen before we began engineering serendipity.

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Registration data & serendipity

Using the outputs from the software, there are countless ways to make sure your participants are connecting. The video here is from a World Bank conference in Dublin with 200 people and is credited with many of the programs and success of the project.

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Why leave teamwork up to chance?

TeamCreator enhances community connection to uplevel group potential for productivity and positive outcomes.

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Trusted by customers at the leading edge

“TeamCreator appears difficult. But then you see the way it is built into your workflow and how much of a difference it makes with participants and the decision becomes clear.”

John ElementLearning & Devleopment Vice President


Re-thinking Education @ U of M

Learn how intelligent networking transforms the classroom

TeamCreator is the ideal tool for

Learning &

Our solutions will take the networking of your participants beyond the classroom to your entire enterprise.

Event & Conference

10x the # of relevant connections each of your participants will make.

Team Leads

Engineered collisions per sq ft can make all the difference.

Unlock the potential
of groups.

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