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Understand &

Map your digital footprint, look professional, and make yourself searchable with the right keywords

Listen & Connect

Gain deep knowledge and insights into your customers’ language to build trusted relationships and better communication

Engage & Capitalize

Leverage industry insights and social influence to identify hidden opportunities for business growth


Everyone is online these days. So why not use a profile to help map your market? You can understand where your key decision makers are and who they are influenced by. Then, you can design intelligent solutions that provide insights into how you can better engage with them both on- and offline. By bringing people, science, data, and technology together with AI-driven algorithms to forecast social selling trends and re-envision the selling cycle, we just gave you… clout.

“Things (products, companies, etc.) have brands. People have relationships and reputations. Perhaps your brand is not about you, but building communities and conversations around values and actions that matter to you. SocialCollaboration is the first step in making this a reality.”

Peter KleinFounder & CEO

in numbers


personalized leads tracked for customers


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Hyper-personalized engagement

How can you sell and collaborate better if you don’t understand the people you are selling to, and collaborating with? Our tools allow you to instantly learn all about people – from personality to interests-so that you can start working faster and better together.

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Improve digital capital

How well do you know your customers? Are you listening to what they are sharing? Thinking about? Taking action on?

Introducing HPE – your partner in understanding your customers.

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Digital trust (pre-suasion)

As humans, we are incredibly influenced by our surroundings, by what we read, and who we trust. Collaboration.Ai works with you to define the patterns to help make your business achieve Influence, insight and new business opportunities.

Watch the short clip on the right (or below) to see ‘pre-suasion’ in action and call us to find out how to implement it across your social channels.

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What if there was more to your social media…  than what your high school classmates were up to?

SocialCollaboration turns your online  presence into a useful tool that you can leverage to work for you.

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“Don't underestimate working in the cutting edge of influence online. It changed my business, it will be a game changer for you too.”

Kevin BryantFounder & CEO


Innovating @ the US Air Force

0 to 50,000 community members driving $30M in ROI

SocialCollaboration is the ideal tool for


Gain a competitive edge. Forecast smarter. Lead faster.


Transform yourself into a thought leader beyond the board room.


Create new opportunities for the future leaders in our connected economy.

Unlock the potential
of intelligent social capital.

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