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Make connections that count

Network Visualization

View your network from a macro and micro level, with clarity


Determine where strengths and opportunities lie within your network

Search & Discovery

Utilize connection recommendations, skill validation, and more


We all have a network–a community of connections that we can tap into for help, for advice, for ideas. After all, connections are everything. But what if you could make smarter connections, faster? NetworkOS is the world’s first Community Relationship Manager. Built on the blockchain, NetworkOS enables individuals and organizations to drive innovation and change, by building a smarter network of empowered people to solve their biggest challenges. It also allows you to see the big picture, leverage shared knowledge and insights to improve your communities, and make stronger connections.

“I think it would take about 1,000 conversations with different people to find out what you can find out in a few minutes on NetworkOS.”

Jason ChenInnovation Accelerator

in numbers

3 Billion

Billion people with network and skill information


improvement in community engagement


steps to find the right people at the right time

Community Notes

For the first time ever, pay it forward in your community by sharing insights on people, projects, roles, and more

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Community Impact

Understand what matters to your community or organization and provide pathways for individuals and groups to make the difference

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Leveled Up Approach

Modeled after the ways in-person communities actually drive impact, we use our patented technology to deliver value at the right time. From a click-it and forget-it account for some users to a full Ai-powered suggestion and community relationship manager for other users!

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How can your network help you achieve your goals?

NetworkOS empowers organizations to take on bold endeavors by building smarter networks and tapping into shared knowledge.

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Trusted by customers at the leading edge

“NetworkOS is a game changer. It shifts your mindset for what is possible within your company and the communities you are part of!”

Nathalia LunaSolution Designer


Networking @ the World Economic Forum

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Is your job to help build and scale change, divisions or communities of practice?


Big or small company… driving new ways of working is central to our product vision for you.


Do you live in Tableau, Power BI, ONA, Graph Databases…? We have the solution for you.

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