Collaborative innovation & knowledge sharing at scale

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Engage the crowd

Source solutions, ideas and paths forward from dozens to millions

Idea management

Organize and execute¬† your best ideas to ensure you don’t miss out on a potential solution

Innovation at scale

Build your ecosystem and let your employees and teams bring their own expertise.


The science behind CrowdVector is simple: “the crowd” is the solution–no one knows as much as everyone. Cognitive innovation leverages the entire ecosystem and network. It captures explicit and tacit knowledge while bringing data and new ideas to users through machine learning, natural language processing, and semantic analysis. In other words, use your crowd to generate, prioritize and manage ideas into outcomes.

“It's simple. We went from idea to field implementation all in one software application. We tried many other top-tier crowdsourcing solutions and none helped us like CrowdVector.”

Troy PaigeHead of Innovation

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solutions implemented with proven ROI

A single solution to develop innovation

We built CrowdVector because there was no solution that could help start with a simple idea and inspire others to join to build an entire innovation ecosystem that can actually bring change to the world.

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A beautiful intersection of collaborative innovation and cognitive computing.

CrowdVector lets you look at everyone’s ideas and view them from multiple vantage points. Gone are the days of manual entry, laborious transfer with Excel and guesswork for choosing what to bring to market.

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Complete innovation pipeline management

We aren’t talking about lists of options in your pipeline. We believe adding intelligence to the analysis, decision process and tracking through to end results and learning from it is what is going to transform your business – and we are building the functions to support you every step of the way.

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When good ideas are a dime a dozen, what if you miss a great one?

CrowdVector knows it takes a village, so tap into yours to source, innovate, and execute your best ideas.

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“We switched to CrowdVector and it was a game changer. Couldn't recommend it enough.”

Greg HicksInnovation and Crowdsourcing


Community Integration @ TEDx

Beyond great talks - engineering community involvement

CrowdVector is the ideal tool for


Crowdsource and connect people, data, and initiatives while incentivizing your innovation pipeline with real-time feedback, challenges, and awards.


Inspire creative problem solving from your teams and networks, while making everyone feel like part of the solution.


Utilize your organization’s existing talent more efficiently and give employees a voice in implementing new ideas.

Unlocking the potential
of your crowd and networks.

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