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This post is a continuation of our #UnitedWeTransform posts about individuals and groups connecting with others that don’t normally connect to create change.

Henry LaBounta: Adopting City Drains to Protect the Watershed

saving MN watersheds

How Henry is making a difference

Henry Labounta, a Minneapolis resident, received a Mississippi Watershed Management Organization Community Grant to adopt city drains and protect the watershed from pollution. His initiative works similarly to the adopt-a-highway program, where individuals or groups sign up to ensure a drain is clear. This effort helps prevent pollution from entering the city lakes and wildlife living areas.

Henry’s passion for protecting the environment has led him to connect with others who share his dedication to a cleaner, healthier Minnesota. By expanding his network and sharing his knowledge (see Facebook Community), Henry has inspired others to join his cause and contribute to the protection of the watershed.

You can read/listen to more about his work on the The Wedge Live podcast and in the Southwest Journal.

And even better. Adopt a Drain by writing to or


  • It’s free and easy to do, clear when you can, minimally quarterly, better monthly or as needed
  • You can adopt multiple drains, you can name them anything you like
  • Organic debris goes in yard waste, separate out trash
  • MWMO grant is funding this, prizes are only for drains in East Isles and Lowry Hill East neighborhoods
  • If you live in the region – let us know you adopted by emailing with the name and location of your drain. We will enter you into our prize drawing and we aim to provide helpful gear.

John Klein: Cleaning Powderhorn Park for 40 Years

John Klein making a difference

From garbage to dead wood

For the past 40 years, John Klein has been picking up garbage in Powderhorn Park to protect the water and environment. His commitment to keeping the park clean has inspired others to join him in maintaining a clean and safe environment for the community.

John is not only committed to cleaning the park but also teaches others about the importance of garbage management and how to connect with others to solve the wider problem. His work has contributed to the park’s programs, providing neighborhood residents of all ages a safe environment to play, learn, and grow.

You can see John in action in this ABC news post.

Connecting and Collaborating for a Better Minnesota

Both Henry and John demonstrate the power of collaboration and community engagement in their efforts to protect the environment. By connecting with others and sharing their knowledge, they inspire others to join their cause and contribute to a cleaner, healthier Minnesota. Their stories serve as examples of how individuals can come together to create meaningful change in their communities.

Let’s celebrate the impact of collaboration and the inspiring stories of Henry Labounta and John Klein. By working together, we can overcome challenges and make a lasting impact on our world. #UnitedWeTransform

We are writing this article because of our interest in the mission of UnitedWeTransform to help Minnesota.

If you have a story you would like us to write about. See the format we try to adhere to.


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