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In Minnesota, two visionary leaders are collaborating to drive change and innovation. Heather Willems, an artist and facilitator, helps teams unlock creativity and find solutions. Adam Hjerpe, a business leader and Special Olympics chair, champions inclusion and empowerment. By merging their skills, they are igniting transformation.

Heather Willems: Unleashing Creative Genius Heather founded Two Line Studios in Minnesota (moving here from NYC) to empower teams through visual thinking. With 10+ years of experience, including work with Fortune 100 brands, she facilitates workshops and coaching for breakthough ideas.

Heather is passionate about enabling Minnesotans to reach their full potential through collaboration. By bringing together diverse groups, she builds connections and sparks new possibilities. Her TED talks and media features have spread her vision for “finding clarity through creativity.”

Adam Hjerpe: Empowering Individuals and Community Adam leverages 30+ years of leadership in Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits. As chair of Special Olympics MN, he supports over 8,000 athletes in discovering their ability and worth. He is also a UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation board member, committed to health and well-being for all.

Adam champions networking across borders. By promoting digital platforms and in-person events, he aims to unite and advance Minnesota. A proud University of Minnesota graduate, Adam continues executive development at Wharton to further his purpose-driven impact.

The Synergy of Shared Purpose Heather’s graphic facilitation aligns with Adam’s mission for inclusion. By connecting their work, they can spread empowerment to wider communities. Heather’s skills make complex ideas visually engaging and accessible. Applied to Special Olympics, this can inspire broader understanding and participation.

Together, Heather and Adam model the power of collaboration. By transcending silos, they tap collective wisdom and lead innovation. Leveraging technology and social media, they spread a vision of networking for transformation.

A Movement of Changemakers Heather and Adam’s partnership exemplifies the United We Transform movement. This initiative unites individuals in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Through events and platforms, people can connect, share ideas and drive real change.

Digital innovation fuels this movement. Virtual tools allow borderless collaboration, amplifying community voices and impact. Heather and Adam call for others to join – to cultivate understanding, solve problems, and transform our future. By coming together, we can achieve extraordinary things – a spirit of optimism and empowerment for all in our state. Change starts here.

Learn more about their combined work at United We Transform movement. They both use TeamCreator to help connect people better. Heather’s company TwoLine Studios. Adam’s Special Olympics story.

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