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Dear Storytellers,

Great feats are accomplished not by sheer individual brilliance, but by the unity and camaraderie of groups committed to creating positive change. This space is dedicated to those untold community-driven tales filled with unsung heroes working together to reshape their societies.

We envision this platform as a space where we redefine the traditional framework of a hero’s journey. We want to include narratives that highlight the power of collective action, propelling a shift from a solo hero paradigm to a communal band of catalysts, transforming their communities with unity and tenacity.

Here’s our submission criteria guidelines:

  1. Theme: The stories must be based on real-life incidents and portray community empowerment. Whether it’s a group of students cleaning their local park or a community coming together to bring awareness to a social issue, we want to share tales of unity and impact.

  2. Brevity: We seek posts of 600-800 words. Remember, the key to captivating your audience is to respect their time while delivering an insightful story.

  3. Uniqueness: We encourage submissions that offer a fresh perspective, focusing on lesser-known tales that have yet to be shared with a larger audience. Refrain from writing about popular events or widely reported stories. Does anyone really want to hear another Apple or Pixar collaboration story?

  4. Storytelling Approach: We value narratives that not only tell us what happened but also delve into the why and how. Explore the motivations behind the protagonists’ dedication to their cause and the dynamics of their team collaboration. And clear steps that were taken so others can copy.

  5. Impact: Your story should provide a vivid illustration of the impact the group made in their community. We want to hear about the practice and tangible changes that resulted from the group’s efforts.

  6. Inspirational Value: Haha – just kidding. This isn’t a movie. We just need impact!

  7. Authenticity: All submissions should be original works and properly credit inspirational, quoted, or referenced work where necessary. We value truthfulness and transparency.

The opportunity to share your narratives of strength, unity, and impact awaits. By doing so, we can inspire others to transform our world into a better dwelling for all. Let us rejoice in taking the spotlight off the individual and shining it on collaborative groups achieving unbelievable feats for the betterment of their communities.

We promise to treat your stories with the respect they deserve, and we are excited and eager to hear your tales of collective courage and tenacity.


Let’s get this started with the first submission, courtesy of our very own tech team member Wade Kallhoff. Read his impact story here.


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