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Create meaningful conversations with the right people

About United States Air Force – AFWERX & the challenge they needed help with

AFWERX is a community of Air Force innovators who strive to connect Airmen to solutions across the force: whether that be funding, collaborating with industry, or simply receiving guidance on a project.

Collaboration.Ai was hired to tackle the challenge of mapping the community of innovators across America and helping find and grow the unique individuals and companies who could contribute to making America safer.

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Step 1. Passively Mapping & Finding

Getting the right people to participate in your community is always difficult. By using Ai profile mapping of existing members, we were able to streamline the finding of new members who could participate in future projects.

AFWERX mapping

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Step 2: Mapping & Improving

  1. See how your community is interacting
  2. Identify problem areas
  3. Get recommendations to fix and grow

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