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Community Integration @ TEDx

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success rate in creating connection for impact in the local city


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The TEDx Challenge

TED and TEDx conferences were made famous for their stellar talks. As TEDx has grown, so has their desire to make a better and bigger impact in their communities.

That’s where Collaboration.Ai came in. We asked: What would happen if participants met the right people at this event—people who shared interests and passions and could help bring new and positive ideas to life long after the event’s conclusion? What could it mean for the event, and what could it mean for the cities where the events take place?

Together we established 4 objectives and designed an intervention to meet them:
– Improve experience of all participants
– Improve networking
– Increase connections based on participants interests
– Create communities to serve the local city

“Seamlessly integrating smarter networking and accelerating community impact is a tough ask. Collaboration.Ai is the only software out there taking a holistic approach.”

Francesca ArceTEDxTukuy

Visitor engagement

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Enhanced TED agenda

Slight modifications

Small changes drive big results

Using the tools and lessons learned with our corporate clients, we applied our design and data principles to transform this TEDX event. We did it in 3 steps and the results were so good, we knew everybody needed to know about this.
Step 1:
We leveraged the online registration process to gather data to help us understand who was coming and what they cared about.
Step 2:
We used the data to design an “enhanced” version of the day’s agenda that ensures the right people connected.
Step 3:
We used a control group who did not participate in the “enhanced” agenda and measured and tracked our results so we would know if this actually worked

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