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The PWC Challenge

How do you combine:

  • traditional consulting + customers?
  • data science + design thinking?
  • tracking and improving delivery results?

ThisĀ  is an issue that many industries are facing. PWC, the market lead in workshop design approaches utilized the data science of Collaboration.Ai to make sure its leaders are more networked and educated to move their impact forward.

The foundation

First: understanding the current state

  • To see how customers and employees connect.
  • To see how employees support each other.
  • To see how teams have failed in the past.

… allows for intelligent intervention to improve.

Getting started

Build a new business ecosystem like PWC.

PWC post its

Next generation collaboration

Collaboration.Ai software + consulting / design thinking

Static PowerPoint after an analysis won’t cut it anymore–it’s not enough just to have a room of really smart people working on the tough problems.

PWC needed to integrate the ideas of their teams and customers with their skills, and their relationships. Only Collaboration.Ai could put it all into one graph and help make recommendations that made the difference.

PWC used all 4 of our products. See which one is right for you:

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