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You’ve heard over and over that your relationships and your networks are the key to career success. Yet, when given the opportunity to network in the office or at events, so frequently we find ourselves connecting with the same people; over and over and over again. If, by chance, we serendipitously meet a new face, with whom we have a meaningful conversation, we feel as if we unlocked the holy grail of networking success.

And while the impact of one new connection can be exponential, imagine connecting 19,530 people in one day. This something that we, at Collaboration.Ai, have achieved. 19,530 people were directly connected through our software. They weren’t just connected though, as remote “friends” (think Facebook), they were intentionally introduced offline (also known as ‘in person’) to people that can directly impact their trajectory; be it at the event/meeting itself, with a long-term work project or on a personal level.

Intriguing? Maybe, but why and how does intelligently connecting the right people impact your career? Take a look at the visual and explanation below to help illustrate:

This network map illustrates the relationships of a 350-person meeting. As you can see, almost half of the group only knows a handful of people. These are people that work in the same organization, toward the same mission, contributing to the same project and business goals, day-in and day-out. By understanding the usual musings of this group, along with leveraging data inputs on each individual, we are now able to ensure that critical connections are established. That way, every colleague is introduced to others that can help them meet their objectives.

So, when we say we helped 19,530 people network in one day we; in partnership with managers, meeting owners, and event producers, enabled the intelligent intersection of these connections. You may be considering that some of these people could have/would have/should have met without our help. We agree, yet research shows this simply isn’t the case. As we’ve found, most people only interact with those they know. As a matter of fact, only 4% of the 19k would have serendipitously met if we hadn’t collaborated with the organizers to ensure intelligent, impactful connections.

Are you achieving networking success? You can check out NetworkOS, or drop us a line to make sure you keep meeting the right people, at the right time.

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