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The Inspiring Stories of Rust Hill Ranch and Renewing the Countryside

In a world where climate change and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, two individuals stand out for their dedication to making a difference in their communities. Matt Hardy, founder of Rust Hill Ranch[5], and Sara George, who helps run Renewing the Countryside[2], are both passionate about reducing their carbon footprints and empowering their communities. This blog post will share their inspiring stories and the impact they have made through their efforts.

### Matt Hardy and Rust Hill Ranch

Matt Hardy’s journey began when he and his family decided to leave the city during the unrest and pandemic situations, moving to a more rural setting in Franconia, Minnesota[19]. There, he started Rust Hill Ranch, a 40-acre family farm focused on providing nutrient-dense food, soil restoration, and animal happiness[5]. Overcoming the fear of uprooting and starting over, Matt’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and determination.

Rust Hill Ranch raises chickens and pigs, with a focus on sustainable farming practices[19]. Matt’s efforts have not only provided his family with a healthier lifestyle but also contributed to reducing their carbon footprint[6]. By supporting local food systems and promoting sustainable agriculture, Matt is making a tangible impact on his community and the environment.

### Sara George and Renewing the Countryside

Sara George works with Renewing the Countryside, a nonprofit organization that supports food systems and sustainable rural development[9]. As a program coordinator, Sara facilitates systems that support an innovative model using farmers markets as low-cost food hubs for rural towns and smaller cities across Minnesota[9].

Sara’s dedication to increasing access to healthy foods for all is evident in her work with the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association, and other partners[16]. Her efforts have led to the creation of agreements with licensers, enabling more markets to provide healthy food options to their communities[16].

In addition to her work with Renewing the Countryside, Sara is also a coordinator for Wisconsin Women in Conservation[7]. This organization focuses on supporting women landowners and fostering collaboration among them. Sara’s commitment to empowering women in agriculture and conservation further demonstrates her passion for creating a more sustainable future.

### United We Transform

Both Matt and Sara’s stories were brought together through the #UnitedWeTransform approach[1] as I searched for ways to reduce my carbon footprint. Of course I use our software to help my own communities to solve complex problems and drive positive impact by harnessing the power of collaborative communities[3].

By connecting individuals and organizations for growth, funding, and investment opportunities, the United We Transform movement is starting to play a role in supporting the efforts of Matt Hardy and Sara George[1]. Their stories serve as shining examples of community empowerment, showcasing the impact that can be made when people come together to address pressing issues.

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