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Our collective future depends on a better way of innovating and working together. We think our collaboration software and DAOs are the way forward. 

DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization. It’s a model that prioritizes efficiency and interdependence. As we dive into the world of DAOs, here’s what we’re reading:

  • Packy McCormick from Not Boring started researching the next iteration of the internet after seeing tweets about NFTs. “Now,” he writes, “all of those people who were tweeting and Clubhousing about NFTs are on to the next: DAOs.” Read more about how he views the future of the economy.
  • DAOs are funding the world’s largest pizza party! Sam Wienrott, a member of the Rare Pizzas team says, “We believe that there’s not a pizza scarcity problem, there’s a pizza distribution problem.” His DAO is helping solve that problem. After selling 10,000 Pizza NFTs, the Rare Pizza DAO purchased 10,000 real pizzas to share with families across the world. Read more about the 1 million slice giveaway here. 
  • DAOs are going mainstream. Last week, Mark Cuban predicted DAOs will transform companies and the future of work. See what else he said here.

If you’ve known us for a while, you might be feeling a little deja vu right now. We created the 2nd DAO in the United States two years ago. Here’s a quick refresher on the initial project

Building back stronger

The General Store DAO was the first DAO in the United States to have a main street presence. If you’re familiar with Minneapolis, you might remember it taking over the old North Face store in Uptown. Between COVID and the civil unrest last summer, Minneapolis, especially the area around Lake Street, took some heavy hits. So, we closed our doors in order to reimagine the future of work. 

Now, we’re building back stronger. 

Our next DAO will focus on learning from each other and creating the future of work. 

Look out for a new video soon explaining what we are building next to help everyone re-invent their work. 

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